4 tips for great video production

I’ve been searching around the Internet recently, looking at websites, trying to find great examples of really good video production – in both the technical arena and in the story sense. After my self-appointed survey, this is what I have deduced.

In this day and age, not only are your potential customers more discerning but, with advancing technology, this also means they now have shorter attention spans.

If your website is heaving with copy that is accompanied by photos taken off the latest iphone by the receptionist or whoever was free at the time – then you’ve lost them. They are going to bail out of there as quick as a blind cat being chased by the Queen’s corgi.

With this in mind, (and for what it’s worth) here are my five things to consider when producing video for your business:

Rule #1

The quality of your video production must match the quality of your business. If you run a large company with serious turnover but you spend a pittance on your video content, you’re not valuing your image.

Rule #2

Keep the content time to a minimum – short punchy messages that look great.

Rule #3

Story – stay focused on your message – remember, whenever appropriate, humour will always engage your audience.

Rule #4

Never let your company spokesman be interviewed without proper lighting. Proper lighting is not the office fluorescent or a bit of daylight coming in the window on the fifth floor. People don’t understand the power of lighting – good lighting maketh the man/ woman. It’s better than botox. And cheaper.